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Price and volume analysis is a proven way to gauge trends of the markets. Pioneered by Richard Wycloff in the 1910’s, this technique continues to produce consistent profits for many practitioners.

Over the course of his successful carrier, leading market timer Tim Ord has developed a distinct understanding of this discipline and built a winning trading strategy around it. The Ord Oracle market letter outlines a top down approach to trading that will allow you to make most of your investments in a variety of markets – from stocks to exchange traded funds (ETF). With The Ord Oracle market letter as your guide, you’ll quickly become familiar with time tested method and discover how it can be used to make profitable trading decisions.

Step by Step, You’ll learn how to:

The Ord Oracle market letter also illustrates various techniques for identifying trade setups, concentrating on volume within a specific index or issue. Using these tools, he shows you how to “listen” to what the market is saying and move in concert with it, rather than making random trades based on one signal, a hunch, or rumors.

The Ord Oracle market newsletter started in 1993 and is frequently listed as one of the top ten market timers in the country (ranked by Timer Digest). It is delivered to you four days a week (Monday through Thursday) via email. The newsletter covers long or short the major market. It also covers what sectors to be in and what stocks that are showing strength in the strong sectors.

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