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Introduction to Ord Volume Charts
Introduction to Ord Volume Charts
"It was the change in my own attitude that was of supreme importance to me. It taught me, little by little, the essential difference between betting on fluctuations and anticipating inevitable advances and declines", Jesse Livermore - 1928.

The Ord Oracle presents a new kind of charting program designed for showing supply and demand in the financial markets. Finally a way to see the real driving force behind what really moves prices. How to anticipate the major moves in stocks and the broader markets.

This new form of charting gives dramatic buy and sell signals that have tremendous profit potential and minimize risk. The age old question is when to buy a bottom or sell a top. These charts answer that question.

While traditional charts can give you weekly and monthly charts, it can be really confusing to compare volume from one week where the market was open only two days to one where it was open five days. Some months have as few as 15 trading days while others have 23. Next you might have the high or low on the first day or last day of a month with no way to visually understand if that was bullish or bearish volume for the rest of that period.

Ord Volume Charts solve these issues and many more. By using the Ord Volume Method you can have a much more probable trade. The key is to look for where the path of least resistance is extremely evident and the move is almost inevetable. It is easy to see with our numerous examples what you are looking for.

While the concept is simple, Ord Volume Charts software incorporates many high level rules and algorithms to pick the most statistically significant swing points and how to count the peak volume at highs and lows. Other rules involve how to count volume between the swings. Ord Volume Charts has been available for 3 years and has many revisions and enchancements. Links below are for examples from our newsletters and free seven day trial download.
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